C.C.C.O.A. Violation Committee Activated

CCCOA Board of Directors has appointed members to the newly formed Violation Committee. The people that are on the committee are as follows.

Steve Earley- V.P., Ward 8 Rep., and Committee Chairperson; Randy Nesbit-Ward 9 Rep; Stacey Dexter-Priebe, and Richard Wilson.

Effective immediately, the “Violation Committee” is active and ready to serve. They will address your concerns about any violations of the CCCOA By-Laws and/or our Rules and Regulations that govern our community. I, as Chairperson, would like to encourage all CCCOA members to revisit these to get familiar with them again. Remember that the CCCOA Member is also responsible for their Guest.                                                                      Some of the frequently observed violations that will be address are: Unleashed Dogs, Dogs on the Beach, Removal of trees without a permit, unlicensed minors, (children),  driving a motorized vehicle without a licensed adult to supervise them. We will also address any other violations of our Rules and Regs. or By-laws.  We will need you help identifying violations that occur in our Camp. Please feel free to contact any of the Violation Committee members listed above. Contact information is listed in the Committees segment.

Thank you in advance for your concern and effort to make a better community for all CCCOA Members.                       Violation Committee.


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