C.C.C.O.A. Agenda for Annual Board Meeting

Immediately after the CCCOA Annual Membership Meeting will be the Annual Board Meeting on Saturday August 14th. It will also be at the Pavilion at Park 27. The Agenda for this meeting is as follows:


  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call of Board Members
  3. a. Motion to declare Ward 3 and Ward 5 Board Representative seats vacant                                                                                                                  b. Appointment of the Ward 3 and Ward 5 Board Representatives for one year
  4. Additions to agenda by Board Members
  5. CCCOA Member Comments on Agenda Items for this Meeting
  6. Approval of Minutes: June 5, 2021 Board Meeting and July 10, 2021 Special Board Meeting
  7. Treasurer’s Reports: Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2021 and July 1 to August 14
  8. Election of Officers:                                                                                           a. President                                                                                                         b. Vice-President                                                                                                 c. Treasurer                                                                                                           d. Secretary – Corresponding
  9. Appointment of Authorized Signatures for all TCF Bank and Thumb Bank accounts and Certificates of Deposit.
  1. Appointment of additional positions:                                                              a. Legal Counsel                                                                                                  b. Parliamentarian                                                                                                c. Government Liaison                                                                                      d. Web Master                                                                                                      e. Recording Secretary – appointed for 2 years in 2019 until 2021 (2 year appointment)
  1. Old Business:
    1. Report of Land Use guidelines
    2. Report from Water Use Committee on the CCCOA Watercraft Registration project
    3. Rule on fire pits, tabled from July 10, 2021 meeting
    4. Building on the flats
    5. Finkbeiners, 104 Castner Lgn Dr., land use request
    6. 18 ft. clearance on drives
    7. Brian Cook, 106 Castner Lgn Dr., tree removal and failure to complete construction
    8. Chad Davis, 121 Lincoln Park Lgn Dr., dock assessment
  2. New Business:
    1. Board Meeting dates through October 2022 and location / Next Work Session for Land Use
    2. Revision of Lease Forms
    3. Updates and clean-up to Rules & Regulations
    4. Land Use Committee project, determine the cottages that no longer can expand their footprint, but can go up, and place notification of such in the cottage file. (Earley – 7-10-21 meeting))
    5. Define 75 foot area. (7-10-21 meeting)
    6. John Post, 107 St. Louis Lgn Dr., non-payment of sewer
  3. CCCOA Member Comments
  4. Closed Session
  5. Return from Closed Session
  6. Adjournment

Next Board Meeting is October 9, 2021, location to be determined.

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