C.C.C.O.A. 2021 Commemorative Flag Program

The CCCOA Board and membership would like to thank the following families who purchased flags in honor or memory of loved ones to fly above the Camp during the summer of 2021. This is a new Commemorative Flag Program of the Beautification Committee.

Following are the locations:

Military Road Entrance= Betty Nagel-Cribbins in memory of her father, Rudolph Nagel, Jr., a WWII marine who served in Iwo Jima and Guam and who purchased her cottage in 1946 (American flag)

Veterans Park= Dave and Teresa Bittell, Cleo E. Bittell, John Bittell. Donald E Rumrill & Harry Northrup purchasing  (American flag)

Memorial Park=Art Wurzel, Scott and Robbie Reeves in memory of Sherri Wurzel, wife, mother and grandmother.  (American Flag)

Michigan Central Park= Dennis family in memory of Robert Dennis 1930 – 2020 who served in US Air Force Korea 1950 – 1954  (American Flag)

Allen Jaynes family in memory of Allen D Jaynes who was a radio operator on a B-17 shot down on a bombing raid in Germany. He was captured and taken to Stalag, 17B. He was liberated by Patton’s army on May 3, 1945.  (POW Flag)

Jeff Huska family purchased in honor of Jeff’s father Robert Huska (All Service Flag)

South Park at Elm Entrance (end of Michigan Central Park)= Mike and Shelley Fettig from the entire family in memory of Linda Fettig as a tribute to their late sister who passed February2021. The family grew up summers here loving the scuba diving, water skiing and swimming with family and friends and still occupy four cottages within the Camp. (American Flag).

 If you are interested in sponsoring a flag for the Association next year please contact Lynne Knight at 989 493 3320 with the location and type of flag. Flags will fly from Memorial weekend through Labor Day then be returned to the sponsors.

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