Senate Bill 149

Senate Bill 149 Many Member of CCCOA have been questioning what is in the Senate Bill 149. Here is a copy for CCCOA Members to look over.  The analysis has also been added Senate Bill 149    Bill 149 Analysis Read More

October 9th Board Meeting changed to Zoom

October 9th Board Meeting Changed to Zoom Due to concerns about obtaining a quorum, Steve has moved this meeting back to a Zoom.  The time remains 9 am. I will host it and send out the link on the afternoon of Oct. 8th. Any and all residents wishing to attend MUST PRE-REGISTER by texting or calling Betty by 6 pm Thursday Oct 7th…..I will need their cottage address, full name, and Zoom name/identifier and then I will vet them to assure they are Camp members. When we go into Closed Session, all guests except those expected to be present for the Closed Session will be [...] Read More


CCCOA INTERIM PRESIDENT At a special board meeting on September 6,  2021, Steve Earley was appointed Interim President during President Thaddeus (Ted) Ostrewich’s incapacitation due to COVID 19. He will serve until Ostrewich is able to return to the chair. We are grateful for your prayers for his recovery. Please keep Thad and his family in your extend thoughts and prayers. Betty Nagel-Cribbins, Camp Secretary   Read More

2021-22 CCCOA Calendar

October 9, 2021           Board Meeting 9 AM at To Be Announced February 12, 2022       Board Meeting 9 AM at TBA April 23, 2022               Board Meeting 9 AM at TBA (budget meeting) May 28, 2022                Memorial Day Parade & Remembrance 10:30 AM-Noon June 11, 2022               Board Meeting 9 AM at TBA August 13, 2022            Annual Membership Meeting 9 AM at TBA August 13, 2022           Board Meeting following Annual Meeting August 15, 2022            Due Date for 2021-2022 CCCOA annual dues September 3, 2022       Labor Day Green – Annual Meetings; [...] Read More

C.C.C.O.A. Agenda for Annual Board Meeting

Immediately after the CCCOA Annual Membership Meeting will be the Annual Board Meeting on Saturday August 14th. It will also be at the Pavilion at Park 27. The Agenda for this meeting is as follows: CCCOA ANNUAL BOARD AGENDA   August 14, 2021 Call to Order Roll Call of Board Members a. Motion to declare Ward 3 and Ward 5 Board Representative seats vacant                                                                            [...] Read More

C.C.C.O.A. Agenda for Annual Membership Meeting

The CCCOA Annual Membership Meeting will be Saturday August 14th starting at 9 AM. It will be at the Pavilion at Park 27. The Agenda for the meeting is as follows: Camp Curnalia Cottage Owners Association ANNUAL MEETING AGENDA        August 14, 2021  Establish quorum/ Call to Order/Moment of Silence—Ted Ostrewich, President Roll Call and Introduction of Board—Betty Cribbins, Secretary Approval of August 8, 2020 Annual Meeting Minutes---Betty Cribbins, Secretary (membership vote) Treasurer’s Report—Phil Priebe, Treasurer 6-30-2021 Year End Financial report 2021-2022 Budget (membership vote) Highlights of Actions Taken since August 2020 CCCOA Board highlights—Ted Ostrewich (see packet [...] Read More

C.C.C.O.A. Violation Committee Activated

CCCOA Board of Directors has appointed members to the newly formed Violation Committee. The people that are on the committee are as follows. Steve Earley- V.P., Ward 8 Rep., and Committee Chairperson; Randy Nesbit-Ward 9 Rep; Stacey Dexter-Priebe, and Richard Wilson. Effective immediately, the "Violation Committee" is active and ready to serve. They will address your concerns about any violations of the CCCOA By-Laws and/or our Rules and Regulations that govern our community. I, as Chairperson, would like to encourage all CCCOA members to revisit these to get familiar with them again. Remember that the CCCOA Member is also responsible [...] Read More

C.C.C.O.A. 2021 Commemorative Flag Program

The CCCOA Board and membership would like to thank the following families who purchased flags in honor or memory of loved ones to fly above the Camp during the summer of 2021. This is a new Commemorative Flag Program of the Beautification Committee. Following are the locations: Military Road Entrance= Betty Nagel-Cribbins in memory of her father, Rudolph Nagel, Jr., a WWII marine who served in Iwo Jima and Guam and who purchased her cottage in 1946 (American flag) Veterans Park= Dave and Teresa Bittell, Cleo E. Bittell, John Bittell. Donald E Rumrill & Harry Northrup purchasing  (American flag) Memorial [...] Read More

C.C.C.O.A. Annual Membership Meeting

This Year the Annual Meeting will be on August 14, 2021. The meeting will start at 9:00 A.M. It will be held at Park 27 under the Pavilion (pictured above). Park 27 is next to the new Lyon Township Fire Department.  There is limited seating under the Pavilion, so we ask that you bring a lawn chair along with you to the meeting.   

Read More

CCCOA Summer Activities

A Card Making Class will be offered this Summer. Cost of class is $2.00 per card (includes all supplies) Classes usually complete 2 cards. Interested participants should contact  Teresa Bittle @ (989) 627-2345 For those interested in Beach Yoga again this year, Please contact Laurie Rombach at (989) 430-0364. CCCOA is NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INJURY OR ACCIDENTS Read More