CCCOA Flag Donations 2023

CCCOA Flag Donations for 2023

We want to thank the families who honored their loved ones past and present with flags that flew this summer over our Camp. 

  • South Point: American flag given by Catherine Roth in memory of her grandfather Norman J. Roth, a WW1 veteran.

  • Michigan Central Blvd: American flag given by Amy Bauman in honor of her father Paul Bauman for his WW11 service and her mother Joan.

  • Michigan Central Blvd: POW flag given by Caroly Skelton in memory of her father James Skelton, a Korean War veteran.

  • Michigan Central Blvd: All Service flag given by George Cooper for Ernest Johnson, a WW1 veteran.

  • Military Rd: All Service flag given by Sue Poxson and Katie Ostrewich in honor of husband and father Tim Poxon, an Air Force Vietnam veteran.

  • Military Rd: American flag given by Katie Ostrewich, Tim and Sue Poxson in memory of Ted Ostrewich, a Marine Desert Storm veteran who served the Camp as CCCOA President prior to his death.

  • Vets’ Park: American flag given by Kim Faber, Duane and Bryan Woodward in memory of their father Gary Woodward, a Marine veteran, and in honor of their mother Linda Woodward.

  • Vets’ Park: All Service flag given by Paul Faber in honor of his father Steve Faber, an Army

         Vietnam Veteran.

  • Memorial Park: American flag given by an anonymous donor in honor of Betty Nagel-Cribbins’ long volunteer service to the Camp.

  • Memorial Park: POW flag given by Melanie Fritz in honor of her husband Denny Fritz, an Army Vietnam veteran.

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