Duck Hunters Needed for Sunday October 28th

Hello CCCOA & HLPOA members,

 Although we have been able to greatly reduce Swimmer’s Itch on Higgins Lake we continue to try and advance our knowledge of the causes to enable us to better deal with the problem. As such, the Higgins Lake Swimmer’s Itch Organization and Higgins Lake Property Owners Association are working together on an important fall program.

 We will be having a fall hunting research study with Dr. Curt Blankespoor on Sunday, Oct 28. The purpose of the study is to gain more knowledge about the SI infection levels of various species of ducks including common mergansers, mallards, buffleheads and red breasted mergansers that fly through our lake in the fall and create a risk of SI infection. 

 The study can only be successful if we have local hunters bring ducks to examine on this date.

 Licensed hunters are needed in the Higgins Lake area to work with our team of experts to lethally take various species of ducks.  The ducks do not need to be taken on Higgins Lake. If you have another local place where you hunt that is within near proximity to Higgins Lake you can hunt there. The important thing is to be able to bring ducks to where the laboratory will be set up at Higgins Lake. Dr. Blankespoor will conduct necropsies of the ducks to determine their level of SI infection and to retain parasite samples for further research.

 If you are a licensed duck hunter and can volunteer to help us, please contact Greg Semack at for more details.

 Thank you for your interest. We hope you can participate.

 Your HLPOA and HLSIO Boards

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