Letter From Higgins Lake Property Owners Association (HLPOA)

I hope everyone had the chance to spend time with their families over Thanksgiving.  With the Christmas Holidays upon us, family becomes more important to everyone.  My thoughts go out to all at this time, but especially to people who can’t be together because their Loved Ones are off serving Our Country.  I remember the Christmas my son was in Iraq.  I still want to “Thank” them and all Veterans for their Service.

My purpose for writing today is because this past week, all active member of Camp Curnalia Cottage Owners Association, received a letter from HLPOA (Higgins Lake Property Owners Association).  This letter is asking you to join them. Many have called and asked me what this is about, so I decided to post the explanation on the site for everyone.

HLPOA has replaced/changed most of their Board. In an effort to better serve the needs of Higgins Lake; these new Officials of HLPOA had their by-laws reviewed/changed.  These changes hopefully involved more people in their organization to help with programs like lake levels and swimmer’s itch. Since everyone in CCCOA has guaranteed lake access, all active members are qualified to join.  The addresses came from the tax role at the township.

It is important to say, the Board of CCCOA does not endorse, encourage, or discourage membership in HLPOA.  Any decision for an active member of CCCOA to join is totally that single member’s decision.

If you have any further questions, call me at (989) 821-6727; or (989) 302-6542; or e-mail: donnickel53@yahoo.com.

We still need more members on the Rules and Regulation Committee.  We have many different items that need to be investigated. If you are interested please contact me.  I am making an effort to involve members who are not already involved with another committee.

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