October 15, 2022 Board Meeting Agenda


October 15, 2022

 Call to Order with Pledge of Allegiance

  1. Roll Call of Board Members
  2. Presentation: Doug Kieper, HLUA
  3. Board Member additions to agenda
  4. CCCOA Member comments on agenda Items for this meeting (3 minutes that can be split)
  5. Approval of Minutes: August 13, 2022—C.Roth
  6. Treasurer’s Reports: August 31, 2022—J. Ballard
  7. Old Business:
  8. Strategic Plan/Use and Occupancy
  9. Identification of any rules & regs to be reviewed: 11.1 Violations rev, 4.26 Wild Animals rev., 4.7 Land Use rev., and 4.8 fences & barriers
  10. Transfer to Trust ownership—Joe & David
  11. Transfer upon death—Joe
  12. 121 Lincoln Park Lgn (C. Davis)
  13. 119 Bay City Lgn (D. Wenglikowski) Civil Eng report and resolution of water runoff/drainage




  1. New Business:
    1. Resignations of Bill King, Lynne Knight and Mary French from Land Use Committee
    2. Committee chairs and member appointments (see handout)—J.Downey
    3. Election & Voting Committee – Cathy Roth
    4. Update on Static Displays: donations toward cement, signs/plaques—J.Ballard
    5. Renewal of Carbonite on Camp Secretary’s computer (Nov 16, 2022 expiration) approx. $170
    6. Succession planning for board positions needed
    7. Identify a point person for contact with attorneys
    8. Only include attorneys or non-board members on email threads if NECESSARY
    9. Memorial Park site planning
    10. Location for second lending library in Vets park



CCCOA Member Comments

  1. Closed Session, if needed / Return from Closed Session
  2. Adjournment

 Next Board Meeting is February 25, 2023 by zoom


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