Helping Fight Swimmer’s Itch

I would like to invite everyone to take a look the NEW Web-site for SICON. They are the company that is fighting the Swimmer’s itch scientifically.  They are also offering informational sessions each week to have you and the public to learn more about swimmer’s itch in an effort to get it to a controlled level.  Any questions you have they will answer including what copper sulfate will do to the lake. I suggest everyone should try to make at least one of these sessions.  It is really interesting. It is also for the good of the Lake and those of us that is it. The web-site is designed to have people help pin point the hot spots on the Lake.


Higgins Lake Swimmer’s Itch Organization

P.O. Box Drawer 665

2373 S I-75 Business Loop

Grayling, MI 49738

HLSIO is requesting you supply information to Swimmer’s Itch Control (SICON) throughout the summer. SICON is compiling data specifically for Higgins Lake to be processed through their website. (It is important that you report at the SICON site even if you choose to also report SI cases to Gerrish Township.)

PLEASE use the link:

Go to:                                 Quick Links

Go to:                                Find Your Lake (Higgins Lake)


  1. Report a Common Merganser brood
  2. Report a Common Merganser sighting
  3. Report a caseof swimmer’s itch

Additional Volunteers Needed:

To assist Dr. Tom Raffel and his Oakland University team by spending one hour daily collecting Higgins Lake water samples during July specifically from:

  1. The W. Pine Road road end between Woodlawn and Supreme View.
  2. The Gerrish Township Park between the Pinewoods Camp and Sovereign Park.

You will be trained on June 23 by Dr. Raffel and his team.  This research project is sponsored by HLSIO and is part of a 15 lake study in northern Michigan using DNA analysis of SI parasites.

Please contact Jim Vondale at with questions or to volunteer.  Getting volunteer partners on your own or with our assistance to help with the sample collection for the month is encouraged.

A Reminder:

 SICON will be holding open houses each Monday in June from 6 – 8:00 p.m. with the exception of June 20th which has been moved to Wednesday June 22nd. They will also be open each Monday in July from 6-8:00 p.m.

The Dragonfly House, 104 Webster Boulevard

Located off W. Higgins Lake Road at W. Pine Road (at the Gerrish Fire Hall corner) to Webster.

Thank you.ra on

My Browser would not work right with the above directions. SICON’s Curt Blakenspor called me and told me to use  which gets you to the part where you can make where you had problems on the Lake.  Please check this out to make it better for all.




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