Revision to CCCOA Rule 8.1 Leashed and Restrained

8.1  All dogs while on the CCCOA property and /or traveling to and from the owner’s watercraft must be on a leash and /or restrained from roaming by a chain or cable. Any victim of a dog injury may report the injury to law enforcement or animal control. When the victim has a government issued report, the victim or the victim’s guardian, may report the incident to the Violations Committee. The Violations Committee will follow Rule 11.1.  The Violations Committee may find an owner of the dog guilty or not guilty. If found guilty, the Violations Committee can only order the owner to pay a fine and/ or the dog to be muzzled when on CCCOA property, outside of the owner’s cottage. If the same dog is involved in a second injury on CCCOA property and a new law enforcement or animal control report is filed with the Violations Committee, then at that point the Violations Committee may banish the dog from the CCCOA property and/ or issue a new fine.   If the dog is ordered to have a muzzle on after the first guilty finding and the dog is found to be un-muzzled on CCCOA property, then the Violations committee may banish the dog and/ or fine the owner. Proof of such muzzle violation will be in the form of a photo or other compelling evidence.

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