Change in Special Meeting. It is now Thursday 8-31-2023 by Zoom at 6:00PM

*** Change in Meeting Date and time***

CCCOA Special Meeting 8-31-23 at 6:00 PM By Zoom

There will be a Special Meeting of the CCCOA Board this Thursday, August 31, 2023 at 6 pm by zoom.

It is anticipated to be a short meeting followed by a Work Session for board members only.

The office will be covered with a posted phone number to call if assistance is needed.

Special Meeting Agenda

1. Notice to cottages about clean up around the cottage

.2. 112 Owosso Legion Drive

3. 174 Red Arrow Drive

4. Trusts

5. Items added by Board Members

6. Closed session if necessary

7. Return from Closed session

8. Adjourn

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